The Rainey Institute brings its music and arts programs to the Pivot Center

(Plain Press, June 2022)                            The Rainey Institute will be bringing its music and arts programs to the Pivot Center for Arts, Dance and Expression at W. 25th and Castle this summer. The Rainey Institute announced it has leased space in the Pivot Center and “aims to host an inaugural summer camp for Clark-Fulton youth in partnership with current Pivot Center tenant organizations.” Existing Pivot Center tenants the Rainey Institute could potentially collaborate with include the Cleveland Museum of Art, Inlet Dance Theatre and LatinUs Theatre Company.

     Rainey Institute Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Harris said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be the Pivot Center’s newest tenants. Arts education is such an important aspect of a well-rounded childhood experience, and is linked closely with a child’s academic, social-emotional, and future success, but we know many children don’t have the same access to the arts. We are excited to work with partners at the Pivot Center, and organizations already serving Clark-Fulton families, to understand how we can provide high-quality, culturally immersive, and positive and affirming arts opportunities in addition to the great work already being done in this neighborhood.”

     “We are proud to welcome Rainey Institute to our house, the Pivot Center,” says Monica Torres, the Executive Artistic Director at LatinUs Theater Company which represents Hispanic culture and language in theatre.  “We couldn’t be happier that they will bring El Sistema, a social education music program created in Venezuela, to the Clark-Fulton community.”

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