Former Near West Side mail carrier sends greetings from his hike on the Appalachian Trail

May 24, 2022, Thomas Knob Shelter, in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail: Former Near West Side United States Postal Carrier Eric (trail name Hypo) with Samantha Maloy, an employee of the ADAMHS Board on W. 25th and Lorain Avenue. 

Former Near West Side mail carrier sends greetings from his hike on the Appalachian Trail

Plain Press, July 20220                             While doing a 50 mile stretch on the Appalachian Trail with her partner Nicholas Morganti, Samantha Maloy encountered a former mail carrier from the Near West Side of Cleveland. The mail carrier named Erik Ault, said he had delivered mail to the building in which she worked at 2012 W. 25th Street. Erik, who has the trail name “Hypo,” said he quit his job after tax season and is attempting to hike the entire 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail. The trip takes the average hiker about five months to complete. Hypo told Maloy that he started his hike going northbound at Springer Mountain in Georgia on April 17. 

     Hypo then asked if Maloy and her partner wouldn’t mind taking a picture of him, to show a few friends of his from his mail route. See proof of Hypo, happy and healthy, hiking the Appalachian Trail, a little over a month into his journey on Plain Press website at:

     Hypo’s mail route was near the Lorain Avenue and Fulton/Clark area where he did a 15 mile loop each day. He said he thought that would be enough training for the Appalachian Trail but he was surprised by the challenge. He also said running into Maloy and Morganti gave him motivation to keep going. “Hypo” told Maloy he has many friends along his mail route and wants everyone to know he’s in good spirits and he thinks about them often!

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