Cleveland City Council: September 26th Meeting

Cleveland City Council passes legislation to regulate recreational vehicles in residential neighborhoods

(Plain Press, October 2022)  At its September 26th meeting, Cleveland City Council passed legislation enacting new Section 337.19 to regulate parking recreational vehicles in City residential districts.  The legislation addresses problems of jamming large recreational vehicles on tiny lots or in between properties; living in recreational vehicles on foreclosed properties; and tapping into electrical lines for free electricity.  The new section puts certain requirements on parking recreational vehicles including to be stored in a closed garage except a person may park one recreational vehicle in the open on a concrete parking space in the rear yard. Recreational vehicles may be parked in a driveway or parking area anywhere on the property for loading and unloading for not more than 48 hours in any consecutive 21-day period. Ord. No. 98-2022.

Cleveland City Council passes resolution to study Community Benefits for City supported projects

(Plain Press, October 2022)               At its September 26th meeting, Cleveland City Council passed a resolution to establish a working committee of Council, the Administration, and community stakeholders to study Community Benefits Agreement policies and ordinances, and consider implementing a City policy and ordinance to ensure that development projects provide maximized, tangible benefits to Cleveland’s communities and citizens; and improve reporting practices and public accessibility to workforce and community benefits data and information. Res. No. 954-2022.

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