Cleveland Schools’ Segment 8 taking shape

by Erik Ault

   (Plain Press, November 2022) Plans for renovation and new construction of several schools on Cleveland’s west side are finalizing. The Segment 8 construction program affects the Marion C. Seltzer, Clark, Joseph M. Gallager and Lincoln West schools. Several community meetings have been presented to give updates about the progress of this program.

   On September 21, a presentation was held at the former Garrett Morgan High School to update the community about Joseph M. Gallagher Prek-8 School located on W. 65th in between Franklin and Bridge avenues. Jeffrey Henderson of TDA Architecture, which is leading the new school plans, gave the building updates. The current building will be renovated with some interior demolition as well as expansions of the administration and media areas. There will be more parking spots added. There will be two playgrounds, one for PreK-K, and the other one will be for the elementary school students. The inside will be completely renovated, including improvements to heating, air conditioning and plumbing. The only entrance into the building will be from W. 65th and the only exit will face Bridge Ave. No trees will be cut down. Construction will start in spring of ’23 and is planned to be completed by fall of ‘24.

   On September 28, a presentation was held at Clark school, located on Clark Avenue between W. 53rd and W. 56th streets, to give updates about its future. Jeff Henderson of TDA Architecture delivered the updates.

   The school will be completely demolished starting in the spring of ‘23 and completion is intended by the start of the school year of ‘25. Until then, students will be attending school at the former H. Barbara Booker school on W. 67th just south of Lorain Avenue.

   The school district has purchased more properties on the block near Clark School to expand construction capabilities. There will be an emphasis on student safety. The school will also showcase culturally appropriate artwork and warmer, richer colors. Several parents voiced concerns about traffic backing up as well as the safety of the students. In relation to the potential traffic problems, Mr. Henderson iterated that space on this block is limited, but they are doing what they can to maximize traffic flow. Regarding student safety, he stressed that there will be only one, secured entrance which is the norm for school buildings. Furthermore, a school official stressed that student safety will be overseen by the new Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Jack Brancatelli. But Mr. Henderson welcomes feedback on the proposed design.

   The community is encouraged to see updates and share feedback online at

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