Get free help to find Affordable Care Act plans

(Plain Press, December 2022) If you are not eligible for Medicaid and do not have health insurance, you may qualify for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

     Find out if you qualify today by visiting

     Marketplace health care insurance enrollment began November 1st.  You have till December 15th to sign up for health care coverage starting on January 1st, 2022.

     Open enrollment will continue until January 15th, 2023.

     FYI There is extra financial help this year because of the American Rescue Plan.  Even people with higher incomes are getting assistance. Help with premiums is available even above 400% of the federal poverty limit (FPL) and help with cost sharing (copays and coinsurance) is available up to 250% of the federal poverty limit. 

     You can enroll today at or visit!

     Additionally, there is free assistance available!

     Our friends at UHCAN Ohio can help you!  Contact them today to get more information about insurance plans and find out what you can afford. 

     Set up an appointment with Jerrod of Molly. Contact Jerrod Shakir at 216-440-5735 or or Molly Nagin at 216-440-4975 or, during normal business hours.

     Or you can Schedule an appointment online at

     Appointments are available in person and virtual. Spanish and Somali speaking assistance is also available!

     You can email Brittney Madison with Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality with additional questions, comments, and concerns at

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