Landlord comments on Mayor Bibb’s statement at press conference

To the Editor:

   I would like to comment on your article in the November newspaper pertaining to Mayor Justin Bibb’s press conference.

   Mayor Bibb stated that he would like to have an ordinance to hold out of state investors accountable for tenants being able to contact them for issues with repairs and keeping up the property.

   As a landlord, myself, I am proud to say that my husband and I try to comply with all issues.  When we receive the rent every month, we always ask the tenants if there is anything that needs to be addressed in the house.

   We have two homes on one parcel and live in one while renting the other, so we are available to our tenants to address any concerns they may have. We believe this is good business, and chances are good the home the tenants live in will be taken care of on account of how we run our landlord business.

   Thanks for a great newspaper.

Pauline Clark

One response to “Landlord comments on Mayor Bibb’s statement at press conference”

  1. Phil

    Curious, why would out of town landlords need different laws than local landlords? There should be one standard for everyone, and appropriate legal remedies should be included in the ordinance to address everyone.

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