Danny Kelly replacing Ward 11 Councilman Brian Mooney

Councilman Brian Mooney has named Danny Kelly as his replacement to represent Ward 11 on Cleveland’s West Side.

   Kelly is very familiar with Cleveland, having grown up in Collinwood before moving to the West Side more than 20 years ago. A proud 45-year member of Laborers’ Local 310, Kelly worked as a laborer on jobsites for years. Kelly has strong ties to the labor movement, the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, and the City of Cleveland.

   He most recently worked for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as a student-family recruiter. He served in that role with distinction, receiving an accolade for his exemplary treatment of students, parents, community members, partners, visitors and fellow staff as one of the initial H.E.A.R.T. Award (Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Respond and Thank) recipients for CMSD.

   “I am honored that Councilman Mooney has nominated me as his successor,” said Kelly. “I raised four kids with a union book in my back pocket and will work hard for the residents in the ward.”

   Kelly was introduced during a council caucus Monday (Jan. 9th) where a preliminary vote on his appointment was taken.

   During City Council’s Monday, January 9th meeting, Council Clerk Patricia Britt officially read Councilman Mooney’s resignation into the record as effective January 11. Councilman Mooney is resigning because he was elected by Cuyahoga County voters in November 2022 to serve as a Common Pleas Judge. Councilman Mooney’s term as a judge begins on January 12.

   After the reading of Mooney’s resignation into the record, City Council voted to appoint Kelly as Mooney’s successor. Traditionally, Council votes for whoever the resigning council member chooses.  Kelly officially took office on Jan. 12th. Council member Kelly will serve on the three committees his predecessor did. Those committees are Municipal Services & Properties (MSP), Safety, and Utilities. 

   Because Councilman Mooney’s resignation occurs more than two years before the next regular municipal election, Mr. Kelly will have to run in a special municipal election in November. A special primary election to nominate candidates for the Ward 11 City Council seat will be held on the 8th Tuesday prior to the general election. 

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