An article in the April 2023 Plain Press by Chuck Hoven titled Development at W. 11th and Fairfield rushed while issues raised at block club go unresolved incorrectly stated that Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC) has a financial stake in the project at W. 11th and Fairfield. TWDC has no financial stake in the project.

     The references to items in TWDC Board of Directors’ minutes that describe a development agreement and sale of land, referred to another project called W. 11th Street Development. TWDC owns a parcel in that potential project and hopes to be able to leverage some benefits for the community if development occurs on that site. That project has been delayed and site is located at W. 11th near I-490 and Clark Field. The article concerned a development already underway at W. 11th and Fairfield.

Correction of photo caption

In the April 2023 issue of the Plain Press it was incorrectly stated in a front page photo caption that “Purple Martens have returned to their nest boxes at Edgewater Park.” The nest boxes have been sealed, and the bird pictured in the photo was a sparrow, not a purple marten.

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