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City Council Committee hears testimony from community groups on how to eliminate childhood lead poisoning

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, June 2018)    At its May 21 meeting, Cleveland City Council’s Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony from representatives of three different community groups working to address childhood lead poisoning in Cleveland. The hearing was the second in a series on the issues. Testifying before the committee were representatives from … Continue reading

City Council Health and Human Services Committee renews efforts to address lead poisoning of Cleveland’s children

(Plain Press, May 2018)       On April 23rd, the Cleveland City Council Health and Human Services Committee met for a two and a half hour hearing designed to update committee members on the progress of the City of Cleveland’s interdepartmental task force in addressing the many children in Cleveland exposed to toxic levels of lead in … Continue reading Continue reading

High poverty rate present in all City Council Wards in Plain Press coverage area

(Plain Press, January 2018)          The Center for Community Solutions, a local nonprofit think tank which focuses on solutions to health, social and economic issues, released a series of demographic profiles in late 2017. Data in the profiles on the city of Cleveland, and on individual City Council Wards in Cleveland, compiled by The Center for … Continue reading

November 7th General Election Results – Candidates in contested races  

(Plain Press, December 2017) Mayor of Cleveland           Number of Votes    Percentage Frank G. Jackson                 35,506                       59.6% Zack Reed                            24,116                       40.4% Total                                       59.622   Cleveland City Council Ward 3                       Number of Votes    Percentage Kerry McCormack    2,692                          84.7% Logan E. Fahey          486                          15.3% Total                           3,178   Ward 11                    Number of Votes    Percentage Dona … Continue reading

Election 2016 results — turnout varies widely in precincts in Plain Press service area

Election 2016 results – turnout varies widely in precincts in Plain Press service area (Plain Press, December 2016) Voters approved all three issues on the ballot in Cleveland this November. Of the three issues, the half percent hike in the payroll tax won by the smallest margin winning 51.36% to 48.64%, with 64,439 yes votes … Continue reading

Stockyard Clark-Fulton and Brooklyn Center Community Development Office celebrates another year of progress

(Plain Press, November 2014) The Stockyard Clark-Fulton and Brooklyn Center Community Development Office (SCFBC) held its annual Community Celebration on October 2nd at the W. 58th Church of God. The organization, which serves over 26,000 residents in an area that spans parts of five City Council Wards, distributed its annual report to those in attendance … Continue reading

Standardized tests drive Cleveland Transformation Plan

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, August 2014) Under current local, state and national educational policy, Clevelanders are being asked to measure their public and charter schools and judge their teaching staffs based on the scores on standardized tests. While the standardized tests may help to compare schools, they do little to help individual students to … Continue reading

July 2014 Issue of the Plain Press


Young activists needed to help create a more just society in the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, July 2014)Several recent articles in the Plain Dealer touted Cleveland’s recent brain gain. In a June 10, 2014 article by Robert L. Smith titled Cleveland’s unexpected brain gain garners national attention, a reference is made to an a study by Richey Piiparinen and Jim Russell of the Center for Population … Continue reading

Residents seek explanation of sudden resignation of Commander Keith Sulzer

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, May 2014)Over 150 area residents came to the Second District Police Community Relations Committee on April 8th hoping to learn the reasons behind the sudden resignation of Second District Commander Keith Sulzer on March 24th.  Cleveland Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams gave a brief outline of the conversation he … Continue reading