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Canines at upscale doggie bar and park complain about homeless humans

Canines at upscale doggie bar and park complain about homeless humans To the Editor, (Plain Press, January 2022)           I have been a resident of the Near West Side of Cleveland for 25 years. Lately I have noticed there has been an increase in new canine residents in the neighborhood. It’s nice to know new dogs are … Continue reading

FAKE NEWS FROM THE HOOD: Life is too short to be normal

  by B. Chefsky (Plain Press, February 2018)        After hearing a gunshot and seeing a man speed away from the scene, a neighbor found the body of Virgil Hunter lying face down on the carpeted floor of his third story apartment on West 25th Street, according to a 911 call. “I heard a gunshot and … Continue reading

Trickling it down and calling it honey

by Bruce Grossman (Plain Press, August 2011) I’m not an economist, and I certainly don’t have a Nobel Prize, but I just can’t understand how taking money from the very poorest people in society and giving it to the very richest is going to make this country more prosperous. In fact, the discrepancy in income distribution … Continue reading