Canines at upscale doggie bar and park complain about homeless humans

Canines at upscale doggie bar and park complain about homeless humans

To the Editor,

(Plain Press, January 2022)           I have been a resident of the Near West Side of Cleveland for 25 years. Lately I have noticed there has been an increase in new canine residents in the neighborhood. It’s nice to know new dogs are so welcomed into the neighborhood.

   They must have great jobs to be able to afford the high rents for the luxury houses and apartments proliferating on nearly every street.  I’ve even heard they have their own bar and park called Taps & Tails where they can run around and play with their pals.

   Sadly, I’ve also heard the dogs there are complaining about unsheltered people living across the street.  They say they are bothering them. Now I have been by this area and wouldn’t even know anyone is staying there. It’s just bad luck that some people need to live outside I guess or maybe they can’t afford the high rents like the dogs can.

   I wonder what the homeless dogs living next door at the APL think about the dogs at the bar complaining about homeless humans? Would they ask them to roll over to gentrifying dogs, or say unhoused humans have a right to sit and stay?

Paula Miller

Near West Side resident

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