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Panel discusses role of changing demographics on Republican Party’s election prospects

  (Plain Press, August 2016) On July 20, while the Republican National Convention was in session in downtown Cleveland, a panel discussion at Moncho’s Bar & Grill at 2317 Denison Avenue examined what the latest demographic data and recent polling have to say about the prospects of the Republican Party winning over a majority of … Continue reading

Organizers from Cleveland and Philadelphia call for major political parties to end poverty

(Plain Press, August 2016)         Cleveland and Philadelphia organizers of national marches, calling for an end to poverty in the United States, gathered in downtown Cleveland, on July 7th, for a press conference to announce plans for marches in both cities during the first day of the national political party conventions in each city. According … Continue reading


(Plain Press, August 2016) In an article in the July Plain Press titled Cleveland as an Occupied City as Republican National Convention comes to town it was incorrectly stated that United States District Judge Dan Polster ruled that many of the restrictions placed by the city of Cleveland on demonstrations and parades violated first amendment … Continue reading

RNC Wrap Up – local activists deserve credit for organization, self-discipline and smart politics evident in rallies and marches

  by Randy Cunningham    (Plain Press, August 2016) The approach of the Republican National Convention has been like the approach of a hurricane for Cleveland.  No one knew what to expect but they did know that it was going to be big, noisy, expensive and second only to the Cavs winning the NBA championship … Continue reading

Justice & Peace Coalition presents Justice and Peace Platform to Republican and Democratic national parties

(Plain Press, August 2016) On July 21,2016, the last day of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, a coalition of more than two-dozen organizations that sponsored the “People’s Justice & Peace Convention” on July 16 and 17 presented a “Platform” to representatives of the RNC. The Platform contains several hundred specific proposed laws, regulations … Continue reading

Cleveland as an Occupied City as Republican National Convention comes to town

by Randy Cunningham (Plain Press, July 2016) Cleveland is a city holding its breath.  From July 18th through the 21st, Cleveland will be an occupied city.  It will be occupied by the convention of a Republican Party that has built its power over the past four decades by stepping on cities such as Cleveland. It … Continue reading