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Justice & Peace Coalition presents Justice and Peace Platform to Republican and Democratic national parties

(Plain Press, August 2016) On July 21,2016, the last day of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, a coalition of more than two-dozen organizations that sponsored the “People’s Justice & Peace Convention” on July 16 and 17 presented a “Platform” to representatives of the RNC. The Platform contains several hundred specific proposed laws, regulations and constitutional amendments that more than 200 individuals helped shape at the convention held at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, 8712 Quincy on July 16th and 17th.

Representatives of the Convention publicly announced a summary of their Platform at the Speaker’s Platform on Public Square. Following the public presentation, the representatives marched to the RNC headquarters of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party at 1234 Bolivar Road to deliver the entire document, where they asked that it be forwarded to the national party leadership. The same document was delivered to the Democratic party national leadership at their convention in Philadelphia in the last week of July.

Convention organizers say the Platform shows that it is possible to achieve just, peaceful, democratic and sustainable change in our nation and to do so nonviolently if only the moral and political will exists. Convention attendees were committed to nonviolence and the planks were developed with a keen awareness of structural racism in past and current policies.

The People’s Platform’s specific proposals are divided into 5 sections: economic justice, social and racial justice, international justice, environmental justice and political justice. Among the specific proposed Planks include:

  • Federally funded universal early childhood education.
  • Appropriate subsidies must be provided to help workers make the transition away from jobs in the fossil fuel industry and towards sustainable energy jobs.
  • End military interventions, regime change, and covert actions.  Use nonviolent methods to weaken international terrorist forces such as ISIS and prevent the spread of terrorism by imposing arms embargoes against all factions, providing humanitarian aid, and using legal, diplomatic, financial, economic and law enforcement tools.
  • Stop police brutality and racially biased practices of the police, the courts, and the U.S legal system and end solitary confinement and torture of prisoners with accountability for torture in all U.S. controlled prisons.
  • Amend the US Constitution guaranteeing every citizen the right to vote, including the formerly incarcerated.

The full People’s Justice & Peace Platform is available online at: .

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