City officials present plan for West Side Market parking

(Plain Press, May 2017)       At an April 19th meeting with representatives from the City of Cleveland Department of Public Works, West Side Market Tenants received an update on the City of Cleveland’s plans for the West Side Market Parking Lot.

City officials said that when they start charging for parking, there will be 1 ½ hours free and $1 per hour after the free period –up to a maximum charge of $10.

While the 1 ½ hour free period is better for market merchants than the 1 hour period the city initially proposed, several West Side Market merchants expressed concern that the lot is still open to anyone that wants to park there instead of just West Side Market shoppers. Merchants said that will result in workers from neighborhood businesses being able to park there all day for only $10. They said that people going to ball games downtown or downtown workers will take advantage of the lot by parking there and walking over the bridge or taking the rapid to downtown, rather than paying the higher parking fees downtown. West Side Market merchants expressed concern that all these competing uses will lessen the number of spots available for West Side Market shoppers.


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