Tour des Trees cyclists stop at Public Square as part of race to raise funds for tree research

(Plain Press, September 2018)     Seventy-five cyclists arrived in downtown Cleveland on August 1st as part of North America’s largest fundraiser for tree research.

The week-long Tour des Trees covered more than 500 miles, kicking off in Columbus, Ohio and looping through Akron, Cleveland and back. This year marked the first time the race was held in Ohio in more than 20 years.

The 26th annual bike ride is an important vehicle for the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund) a 501(c)3 charity devoted to sustaining the urban forest and funding research and education grants, to award more than $3.4 million in grants and scholarships since 2002.

Created in 1991 by arborists at the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) conference, this cycling adventure helps support scientific research on urban tree care, education related to trees and scholarships for aspiring tree care professionals.

“With funds raised by the Tour, TREE Fund researchers have discovered better ways to propagate, plant, and care for urban trees, making them more resilient, more resistant to pests, and less prone to failure,”  says J. Eric Smith, TREE Fund President and CEO. “The Tour also funds programs to connect young people with the environment and foster careers in the green industries.”

In the last 26 years, the Tour has become much more than a fundraiser. While the goal is to raise money, it is also the TREE Fund’s mission to engage the local community, not just the riders. The Tour provides education, events and community engagement.

The 2018 Tour des Trees, lasted from  July 29 to August 4, with cyclists raising at least $3,500 each for TREE Fund.

A typical day will include three or four stops hosted by local tree stewards, tree plantings, book donations, and children’s environmental education program for local youth. Major events will also happened along the way: July 29, Columbus Tour send-off; Aug 1, Cleveland Public square event; Aug 2, Akron tree dedication; and Aug 4, Liberty Tree dedication at the State house in Columbus

“Through our sponsorship of the Tour des Trees, Davey honors our Ohio roots and our founder’s passion for trees.” said Sandra Reid, vice president, corporate communications and strategic planning administration for The Davey Tree Expert Company. “We continue Mr. Davey’s commitment to the care, education and promotion of scientific research of trees.”

In 1880, John Davey founded Davey Tree in Kent, Ohio to care for and preserve nature’s most precious assets – trees. He continued his education by publishing a book called “The Tree Doctor,” a much needed guide to proper care. The book demonstrated Davey’s methods for doctoring trees based on sound scientific methods and observation.

For additional information visit or contact: Jennifer Lennox, manager of public relations, The Davey Tree Expert Company at 330-673-9515, Ext. 8558

   With more than 9,000 employees throughout North America, The Davey Tree Expert Company provides solutions for residential, utility, commercial and government clients. Rooted in research, the company’s vision is to achieve balance among people, progress and the environment. Tree experts since 1880, Davey provides diversified tree services, grounds maintenance and environmental services. Davey is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the U.S. and is headquartered in Kent, Ohio.



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