Neighborhood groups receive grants for a variety of projects

Neighborhood groups receive grants for a variety of projects

(Plain Press, December 2020)           Neighborhood Connections and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture joined together to fund several projects in Cleveland neighborhoods and city-wide. Below are projects funded in the Plain Press service area:

   The Glengar Community Association in the Bellaire Puritas neighborhood received $761 to host a Power of Pollinators workshop, to educate how important pollinators are for our food supply. 

   Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center (JDB) in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood received $2,500 to bring arts activities to families through the distribution of Art-To-Go bags. The bags will be distributed through the Journey Church food bag giveaway in the Clark Fulton neighborhood. JDB will purchase supplies and put the bags together and the church will hand them out. They will ask if families have children ages 5-11 and provide an Art-To-Go bag to the family. They will assemble and distribute 300 bags. 

   The Hummingbird Project works for social justice through ecological regeneration and community empowerment initiatives. The project received $3,500 to allow access to their Seed Libraries digitally and send seeds via the US mail to anyone who needs high quality seeds to grow healthy food this year. Their goal is to mail 5,000 seed packets to 1,000 Cleveland community members to allow them to grow nutritious food and engage in healthy activities during this global pandemic. 

   The Salam Day Committee received $2,500 to host a series of educational conversations and display artwork from the Sudanese refugee community in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.

   The Class Clown Comedy Workshop received $1,000 to provide an opportunity for creative youth who are interested in comedy and personal expression to learn the basics of stand-up comedy from professional comedians and then demonstrate what they have learned by performing an original five-to-seven-minute routine. They will introduce students to ways to find humor in the thoughts and feelings they have experienced during the pandemic and decompress in the form of stand-up comedy.

   The Historical Society of Old Brooklyn plans to reopen its Museum. It received $1,000 to provide a COVID-19 free environment for volunteers. Before reopening, they must clean and sanitize. Visitors must wear gloves to handle artifacts and wear masks. Artifacts must be preserved in such a way that they cannot be contaminated. Funds will also be used to digitize many of their artifacts.

   NextGen Preserve 63 in the Stockyard neighborhood received $1,556 to expand the variety of food they can grow by utilizing containers for root vegetables, fruits & berries and also take care of minor repairs at the garden. Their goal is to grow and harvest potatoes, carrots, beets, along with small fruits and berries for our community.

   Ward 14 Community Garden Leaders is an active Community Garden Leader group that focuses on growing vegetables for residents in Cleveland’s Ward 14. To meet the urgent food needs of people in the Stockyard and Clark Fulton neighborhoods and other parts of Ward 14 during COVID-19, they received $4,500 to help gardens to become active immediately by asking them about their needs and helping them meet them. 

   Hooper Farm in the Tremont neighborhood supplies plants and garden plots for a community garden with specified days and times for each plot to be worked. Hooper Farm believes in educating the community in producing and preparing their own food. They received $5,000 to spend on the purchase of equipment to be used by each individual plot for sanitary purposes. They would like to educate participants on canning and preserving too. 

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