City of Cleveland plans to rebuild the Willow Avenue Bridge

Monday, November 23, 2020; River Road/Willow Avenue and Elm Avenue south side of the Willow Avenue Bridge: The City of Cleveland plans to rebuild the Willow Avenue Bridge.  Some area residents and businesses concerned about truck traffic going to and from Whiskey Island would like to see the Willow Avenue bridge moved further west to W. 45th Street when it is rebuilt. A sign near the bridge announces plan to open the Wendy Park Bridge in 2021. The plan calls for pedestrian/bicycle bridge to span over the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks just north of the Willow Avenue Bridge. The Wendy Park Bridge would link the Towpath Trail to Whiskey Island and the Lakefront and Lakelink Trails. Under current plans cyclists and pedestrians could cross the Old River Channel of the Cuyahoga River at the Willow Avenue Bridge to reach the Wendy Park Bridge. 

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