Reader responds to the letter concerning noise in the Fulton/Denison area

Reader responds to the letter concerning noise in the Fulton/Denison area

To the Editor:

   As a resident of West 25th Street and Chatham Avenue, I can empathize with the fine people of the Fulton Road and Denison Avenue area! I too have endured countless hours of disruption from intentional motorcycle and automobile noise. The altered mufflers, the enumerable high speed “parades” of dirt bikes, motorcycles and the blaring music are making it intolerable to sleep and enjoy the outdoors in the Summer. The highspeed actions of these reckless individuals are not only endangering themselves, but pedestrians, bicyclists, and the law-abiding motorists! 


   I would suspect that some strategically placed speed bumps or rumble strips on these thoroughfares would reduce the speeding of the swarms of motorcycles and cars. Having speed bumps would not interfere with the snowplows, as they are used in the equally snowy city of Chicago! Another traffic calming idea are traffic circles. How nice would it be to have a traffic circle at Fulton and Denison? That may solve a few of the citizens’ complaints.

   In that three high-end apartment buildings are going up, (Lorain @ W. 20th & 25th, and W. 25th @ Swift/Potter), it will be interesting to see what action is taken by the developers and city regarding the horrible motorcycle noise.  Certainly the 800+ new neighbors that we will soon have will share our thoughts on this problem.

   With this being an election year, I feel that it is imperative that our Mayoral and Council Candidates address these issues that are eroding our quality of life. We as citizens must do our part by working creatively and proactively with the elected officials and police department to see that these noise issues are abated.

   In the meantime, we will try to sleep well, enjoy our yards, porches and hope that this situation is solved soon!

Thank you….

Tim Del Papa

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